Resting on a Walking stick

This video provides the overview of using the TALO Freedom Seat with a walking stick, then breaks each step down so you can safely and comfortably rest.

Adjusting The Seat Height

Easily adjust the seat height of your TALO Freedom Seat.

This short video demonstrates how to lengthen or shorten the straps using the ladder lock buckle.

Trekking Poles Tri-Pod method

 This is the recommended use of  the TALO Freedom Seat with two trekking poles.  The Tri-Pod method provides the same stability as a walking stick with a single point to balance. 

Trekking Poles Advanced method

 Once you are familiar with how the system works using the tri-pod method, you may want to try using the system with the poles at your side.  The advanced method of using the TALO Freedom Seat allows you to sit between two trekking poles. 

How to use the Patent Pending TALO Freedom Seat

Before using the TALO Freedom Seat, please familiarize yourself with the following tested and proven methods.

Only use poles you have validated.  If you have any questions, drop us a line using the button below.