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" I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects " ~Napoleon Hill


I Love My Wife

Roberta and l married 15 years ago this September (2019).  First time for both of us, we found each other later in life. I'm an entrepreneur but still enjoy my day job where I provide IT Support.  Love to cook and my wife has become great at it.  I've become more like my father in that, "the food at home is better".    The skills my mother taught me, helped me to fabricate the TALO Freedom Seat.

I have an appreciation for so many places and things it's difficult to narrow anything down to "favorite", but dancing with my wife is an amazing feeling.  We don't do it near enough, but anytime the opportunity presents itself, we're waltzing around the dance the floor.  


I miss spending extended time outdoors which is why I chose for my company focus, the development of products for the outdoor enthusiast. The goal is to get me where I really want to be.    


Since 2004

The company came to be on April 10, 2004 when I registered the domain name.  The original idea for the company slogan was "In today's world, Win-Win isn't good enough".    

Just recently I read the quote above from Napoleon Hill.   

 " I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects "  

This powerful statement deeply resonates with me as it exactly and completely encapsulates the concept and true premise of Maximum Win.  

The more I continue on this entrepreneurial path, 

the more I view and practice life in this same manner.


Thank you for your time to read this. 

I look forward to engaging with you and benefiting together.

Les Thomas

Maximum Win LLC, Founding Member