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I enjoyed the privilege of a long sit with Chris Merritt of Beyond Strength Performance.  Chris discusses how he continues to grow his business and provides sound advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Chris and I also discuss the strength testing we performed on the TALO Freedom Seat one year prior.

The ultra light weight seat for your hiking stick or trekking poles because "Sometimes, you just need to Take A Load Off".

The TALO Freedom Seat is a hiking gear designed out of necessity for someone with bad knees who loves the outdoor world but needs to rest frequently.  Not knowing where the next available and dry place might be, planning long walks is challenging.  Now with a strong pair of trekking poles and a TALO Freedom Seat, a good place to rest is only seconds away.

Using the TALO Freedom Seat can alleviate over 75% of a person's body weight from their lower extremities (knees, feet, hips) and also provides significant relief in the lower back region.

Whether walking, hiking, around the campfire, at an outdoor concert or just standing in line, when you need to take a load off, the pocket size TALO Freedom Seat can help.

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Physical Rehabilitation Aid

Conceived through necessity, designed through experience of fabricating and repairing climbing gear which the lives of others would depend on. Our patent pending product, the TALO Freedom Seat can alleviate over 75% of a person's body weight.  Most frequently applicable while a user needs to rest when  exercising in the outdoor world. 

Once you have been cleared to begin exercising there is one common factor, we all have limitation on how far we can travel before sharp pain begins.  This is our body's warning sign we must stop and rest or incur further damage.  That said, there are two basic options for exercise:  indoors or outdoors.  

If you prefer the outdoors, then another limitation is how far you can actually travel.  If you can go 100 feet before you need to rest, then there better be an adequate bench or resting place within 100 feet, or you'll need to carry a chair so that proper rest may occur.    Otherwise, you can travel 50 feet, then turn around and go back to where you started so you can rest.

Using the TALO Freedom seat with a validated walking aid allows you to exercise then easily rest when you need it, before sharp pain occurs.  Then, continue your walk after adequately resting.  With the TALO Freedom Seat, long walks are safely possible during rehabilitation.


Hiking and Trekking Pole Accessory

 Hiking gear designed for ultra light enthusiasts and manufactured for strength.  Our first product in this category, the TALO Freedom Seat is a hiking accessory functional for all walkers, hikers and backpackers.  Available soon. 


Portable Energy

  Our first product in this category  is currently in the design phase.  Proof of concept was a huge success.  This will  open up activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

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