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In today's world, we believe win-win isn't good enough. 

At Maximum Win, we innovate solutions towards maximum benefit.

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Maximum Win LLC


 Maximum Win began in April of 2003, originally a services oriented company.  Now as Maximum Win LLC, we have migrated our focus on providing unique and improved products.  We implement as many beneficial features into our products as the marketplace will support, providing that any additional benefit does not adversely affect the overall design or any required feature.  



 We understand that regardless how great features may be, if the product is not functional, the quality or number of features doesn't matter.  We place a great deal of effort to evaluate product usage and test feedback to improve prototypes and maximize usability. 



 Maximum Win LLC products are produced with in-line multi-step quality control processes.  Quality you can see, feel and use. 

Our Products


Physical Rehabilitation Aids

 Our patent pending product, the TALO Freedom Seat can alleviate over 75% of a person's body weight.  Most frequently applicable while a user needs to rest when  exercising outdoors. 

Personal Comfort Device


  Our first product in this category  is currently in the design phase.  Proof of concept was a huge success. 



 Designed for ultra light enthusiasts and manufactured for strength.  Our first product in this category, the TALO Freedom Seat is functional for all walkers, hikers and backpackers.  Available soon. 

Ultra-Light Trekking and Hiking Pole Accessory

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Attention Product Review Bloggers


If you are a demonstrably effective blogger and are interested in  "First Peek" products for review please email  us and provide a summary of your site and supporting metrics.  


Maximum Win LLC

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Introducing the TALO Freedom Seat

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