Inspired by Necessity


Engineered through Experience

I was injured but wanted to attend a standing room only event.  Needing a walking aid, I didn't want to carry a chair or rely on my friends to carry one for me.  Three days before the event, the solution on how to safely sit on sticks came to me in my sleep.  I got up to write it down, instead I began to draw what I saw in my dream.  

Having been a rock climber, I am comfortable making gear on which the  life of myself and others can depend on.  I had the know-how, sewing machine and the right materials.  At 4 AM I found myself sitting in the first TALO Freedom Seat.

Not knowing where the next available and dry place might be, planning long walks can be challenging for those of us with compromised abilities.  Now with a TALO Freedom Seat and either a strong pair of trekking poles or a trusted walking stick, a good place to rest is only seconds away.

Using the TALO Freedom Seat can alleviate over 75% of a person's body weight from their lower extremities (knees, feet, hips) and also provides significant relief in the lower back region.

Whether walking, hiking, around the campfire, at an outdoor concert or just standing in line, when you need to take a load off,  reach for the pocket size, ultralight TALO Freedom Seat.

 Volunteering at the North Face Endurance Challenge DC.  Difficult Run turnaround, 15 miles to the finish line.  

Using the TALO Freedom Seat, I'm able to take over 200 pounds of weight from my knees.

Adjusting the ladder lock buckle of the TALO Freedom Seat

Strength Testing

With the help of our good friend Chris Merrit of BSP, we loaded the seat up to see how it would perform.  The first test is with our adjustable strap ladder lock buckle.  The second test is with a fixed system  (no adjustable strap buckle).

In addition, our engineer friend Jamie inspected the construction of the seat and said, "You could probably tow a truck with this".  So to test the webbing, fabric and stitching , we used a pair of fixed loop anchors  and put the system between a couple of full size 4x4 trucks and pulled.

Chris Merrit validates the TALO Freedom Seat anchor after loading 508 pounds of olympic weights into the seat.


The Original Kickstarter Backers

A BIG THANK YOU for your help in making the TALO Freedom Seat a Success!

 John Gilbert, Patty Cottrill, Mike Reid, Michael & Lauren Catts, Daicey Crane,  Mark Skolnik - SCORE , Richard D, Rikar, Perry Mowbray, Deno Brandon, Mason, Jon Erlend Berg, Rebah Elci, Julie M., Rob Johnson, Tom Atkinson, Sam Zamani, Andriy P, Carla de Nijs, Vivian Reed, Nadia Glueck, Catherine B, Jamie Browne, Jonathan, Joe Y, Dwight Bishop, Devan F, R. C. Hansen, Kayla Marrie Odell, Gina Clark, Robert Forsch, Tracy Duplichan, Julie Burrows, Peter Reilly, Marisa Martinez, Becks, Roger Smith, Lawrence Hammond, Mr. Miyamoto, Sheevaun Thatcher, John G, Jim Reeves, Nate cr, Joe Hogan, Chris Barry, Danielle, Bob Goeddel, Keith and Tiffany Jaton, Eric Kinzey, matthew watson, Andrew Barbour, Werewulf!!, Carol Townsend, SteveArnold, Henry Mowry, rhicks4@gmail.com, John Tassell, Ryan T Earl, Steve Garrison, me@edmondkoo.com, Steph Parker, Belson Family, JD Devine, Jerry, Valerie Tisdel, Tessa Kelley and all the other original backers choosing not to be listed. 

Special Thanks


Special thanks to Chris Merrit, Co-Founder, Beyond Strength Performance (BSP)

Chris Merritt is a strength coach holding a degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Fitness Studies from the Pennsylvania State University. Recognized as one of the most sought after trainers in Northern Virginia, Chris has established a reputation for success with people from MANY walks of life due to his individualized, strength-centered approach to training, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and undying passion for helping others.

Special thanks for your support and time:

 My wife Roberta, mother Heidi T, sister Tamara C, Jerimiah B, Jason B, Richard D, John K, Brenda B, Tom D, Dan A, Rainer L, Joe Y, Lisa Y, Providence G, Gary J, Will S, Gloria S, Laura J, Cassandra J,  Sonny D, Kerby T, Mark S, Brian S, Steve F, Eugene A, Sean R, Laslo B, Glenn M, Anthony H, James N, Kelly D, Kenny G, Megahn K,  . . .