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Volunteering at the North Face Endurance Challenge DC.  Difficult Run turnaround, 15 miles to finish. 

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Strength Testing - Rough Footage

With the help of our good friend Chris Merrit of BSP, we loaded the seat up to see how it would perform.  The first test is with our adjustable strap ladder lock buckle.  The second test is with a fixed system  (no adjustable strap buckle).

In addition, our engineer friend Jamie inspected the construction of the seat and said, "You could probably tow a truck with this".  So to test the webbing, fabric and stitching , we used a pair of fixed loop anchors  and put the system between a couple of full size 4x4 trucks and pulled.

Special Thanks


Special thanks to Chris Merrit, Co-Founder, Beyond Strength Performance (BSP)

Chris Merritt is a strength coach holding a degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Fitness Studies from the Pennsylvania State University. Recognized as one of the most sought after trainers in Northern Virginia, Chris has established a reputation for success with people from MANY walks of life due to his individualized, strength-centered approach to training, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and undying passion for helping others.